Vinyl Fencing Transforms Your Backyard into a Summer Getaway

With summer slowly sneaking up on us we start to focus on summer vacations and getaways.  But with the economy being so harsh right now, not many of us are doing very much planning.  This summer a lot of people are focusing on remodeling their homes. Remodeling your home or yard is a great way to add property value, and it can turn your home into a great personal vacation spot.

vinyl fencingWhen remodeling, it’s tough to decide where to start.  One of the best places to start is outside because once you have the outside done you will have a nice place to enjoy while remodeling the inside of your home.  A few tips to consider when starting your backyard is to make sure it has functionality, appeal, durability and sustainability.  You want to have a backyard that will be mostly maintenance free, a great place to entertain, will last for generations, and is serene to the senses.

First, you should take some time and draw out what you want to have your backyard look like (or have a professional draw up some plans for you), and decide what you will need in your backyard. If you have pool, do you want a secure fence around it? Do you want to build a waterfall, rock wall, BBQ pit, fire pit, lounge area or a flower garden?  Choosing what to have in your backyard depends on the amount of space you have.  The best way to figure out truly how much space you have is to start with your fencing needs.  This is the best way to start to define your yard.  Do you want to have a simple backyard that is squared off or are you going to shape your yard a little?  No matter what layout you decide on, choosing the right fence can be the most difficult and time consuming part since there are so many options with fencing. There is wood, vinyl fencing, chain link, and metal.  That’s just the material; most fencing products include several other options as well, so you can have different types of paneling, color, texture, height, and styles.

Vinyl Fencing has a Variety of Fencing Options

One of the best fencing products that is typically over looked, but has all the needs we are looking for, is vinyl fencing.  Vinyl fencing is the only fencing that is guaranteed to

Stone vinyl fencing

Stone Vinyl Fencing

be durable, long lasting and maintenance free.  It’s up to you to decide which vinyl fencing will give your yard the most appealing look.  Many people still want to have traditional wood fencing, but wood rots, insects get into it and it needs continuous up keep with painting, staining and spraying of insects, which are all time consuming, expensive and can be hazardous.  So, again, vinyl fencing is great because it now comes in an everlasting wood grain look.  But, if you want to be a little more creative with your backyard, vinyl fencing offers textures such as stucco or stone.  Stone is a great vinyl fence option for backyards that have a waterfall backdrop; it really gives off a great serene look and feel.  With vinyl fencing you not only get choices in textures, but you can choose what kind of vinyl fence panels you want as well.  Vinyl fence panels can give you a complete privacy look or a simple semi-private look.  Between the textures, vinyl fence panels, colors and styles you are sure to get the perfect look you have been looking for.

That’s just fencing, but fencing doesn’t just stop there. You can use fence to define different sections of the yard, a small picket fence to define your garden area, a secure fence around the pool, or even a small meditation area.   Your yard will only look as good as you are creative.

Vinyl Products are Great Way to Finish Your Backyard

vinyl pergola

Vinyl Pergola

Finally, the best part of vinyl fencing is you not only get that fabulous vinyl fence you have been looking for, but you can also get other great vinyl products to finish you back yard paradise, such as, vinyl pergolas and vinyl gazebos.  Both of these products are a great way to start the design of your BBQ, bar and hammock areas.

Once you’re finished transforming your backyard into the perfect getaway area, you can start designing the interior of your home, and there are lots of great indoor vinyl products as well. But if you do as great of a job on your backyard as we think you will, you may not have time to improve the interior of your home because you will be too busy enjoying the perfect backyard getaway!

-Jim Sweet


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Vinyl Fencing has Endless Possibilities

vinyl fencing

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is amazing because it extremely appealing, long lasting and durable.  But the greatest thing about vinyl fencing is the versatility it has. These days you can choose to do just about any project you can think of with vinyl fencing.  You can have a vinyl picket fence, pool fence, privacy fence or even a semi-private fence.   Vinyl fencing even carries a line of horse fence products.  The possibilities are endless; you can choose your style, caps, and even color.  Yes, vinyl fence doesn’t come in just white anymore, but you can still get white if that’s what you want.

Your Perfect White Picket Fence

vinyl fence

The Perfect Picket Fence

Think about your childhood dream of growing up and having a white picket fence.  Well, now you can have that dream with zero hassle.  With vinyl fencing, you don’t have to worry about painting your picket fence every 3 years, which fence panels can be difficult to paint.  And you don’t have to worry about insects eating your fence. Your perfect dream white picket fence will stay perfect for a very long time.  With vinyl fence panels, you will never have to spray for insects, paint those difficult fence panels, plus vinyl fence panels will always gleam, as long as you spray them down once in a while.

With vinyl fencing, you can live that childhood dream of owning a white picket fence, or you can be creative and try out some other styles, colors or garden products.  Wood fencing can give you a variety of options too, but with vinyl fencing, it’s just easier; easier to install, maintain and design.  Vinyl fencing is a dream come true.

-Jim Sweet

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Pergolas: A Simple Yet Charming way to add Some Character to Your Outdoor Space

Pergolas have often been seen as a very unique architectural blend that places you both inside and out at the same time.  This unique structure provides you a sitting area that allows for a breeze and light sun but offers protection from the harsh glare of direct sunlight.   Pergolas were common features of Italian Renaissance gardens, they linked pavilions or would extend from a building’s door to an open garden feature such as an isolated terrace or pond. These structures were even commonly used as grape arbors.

vinyl pergolaThese days, we use what are called freestanding pergolas, which are not attached to a home or structure.  Freestanding pergolas still provide that indoor-outdoor feel and still give you a nice breeze and light warmth of the sun.  But people use pergolas more these days to define a walkway or frame a focal point in their yards.  You can even add a climbing plant such as wisteria or even go a little old fashion and add grapevines.  Adding a climbing plant to your pergolas will provide color and a little added shade, making pergolas a simple yet charming addition to any outdoor space.

Jim Sweet

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